Colour in the space between

2008 – Primary school, Nova Levante

Committing to colour requires courage or equanimity.

Only rarely does our natural environment give us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in colour spaces. Only rarely do we experience landscapes in a bath of colour.

Facing the unknown is frightening and we seek a compromise.

But then, when the setting sun bathes the world in orange glow or blue mist blurs the boundaries, it is as if peace settles over the world, calm spreads and in this serenity we are just us, while everything else disappears.

Sometimes we experience this for a short time, sometimes longer. But such situations always have a magic all of their own and we feel lucky to be able to take part in them.

We are fascinated by sand-coloured deserts, a white snow-covered winter landscape, immerse ourselves in the green of the forest and the blue depths of the ocean… and an indescribable feeling of freedom and weightlessness takes hold of us.

When the world is monochrome, it seems infinite and everything that is different in it becomes important.

Snowy landscapes make us colourful, just like the fog, the desert and the forest, because we are too close to ourselves to be able to perceive the colour of the landscape.

Everything around me is the same, only I am different.

In monochrome rooms, everything that is not the same colour takes on a new, higher value.

These are the children, the clothes, the school bags, the furniture, the doors…

The room recedes,
gives way to another,
like a journey through the rainbow,
from one colourful world to the next,
that after one colour
there will be another.

Peace and confidence spread. Everything has its justification, everything is important.

And later,
when the world seems dark grey or black and white,
perhaps the memory will come back to life,
that blue – yellow or red – green is also possible.

It all depends on the perspective and the colour,
which colour the world
in a different light.

If the world is monochrome, it seems infinite and everything that is different in it becomes important.

In collaboration with architect Wolfgang Simmerle as the designer of the building