Enlighten your light

2011 – Salewa Headquarter Bolzano

Concept Enlighten your light

About 250 millions of years ago our mountains have emerged by accumulations of shells, corals and coralline algae. Over time hundreds of meters of sediments on the seabed have been attracted. Under its own weight they lost all water and condensed into rocky shapes. Together with the drift of the European continental plate of Africa, mountains raised more than 3000 meters above sea level; a state which still continues and has created forms of infinite variety, at times incomprehensible but always breathtakingly beautiful.

This variability of shapes characterizes our landscape, our environment ​​and our way of life. Compared to people in the lowlands people of the mountains is always questioning their own living space and their own limits. This requires courage and sometimes the need to exceed the limits.

Enlighten your own light means discover your skills, trust them. You will achieve your goal if you believe in your own imagination whether as a mountaineer, as a businessman, as an artist or simply as a man.

What’s the reason to build this project in this time and on this concrete place?

In 2009, the Dolomites became a World Heritage Site. Bolzano is a city in the heart of Dolomites and the place where this project is build is the entrance space of Salewa, a company in this city which sells everything you need in the mountains.

As an artist it is my desire to connect people with space, time and Nature and in this sense the concept contemplates the mountain from different angles:

  • As a folded landscape: are folds spaces or are they matter?
  • As a world that looks always different. The appearance depends on the point of view.
  • As a landscape that has been formed by water and water is still forming it.
  • As an always changing habitat which is occupied by people and plants.
  • As a world in motion

From these considerations arises the conviction that the inner perspective and ambition to reach higher goals has to be accompanied by the knowledge that believing in one’s own ideas makes many things possible. The power of mind can move mountains

Art acts and reacts

In his shortest poem Ungaretti has already expressed it: “M’illumino d’immenso”, what means, if it’s allowed to traduce it:

” I’m enlighten myself with eternity”

Thoughts don’t change. People always wanted to go higher, but we should remember that we, as human beings, where always and continue to be just a part, a microcosm of the changing dynamic process and we are closely linked to the macrocosm. Nothing happens to life when forms break down or collapse. Life will go one, if with us or without us, because life can not be considered as a collection of independent parts. Everything is connected a dynamic network of correlated events in which each part shall determine the structure of the whole. Even though we live in a world of infinite possibilities, every decision determines every man, every object, every single plant includes the entire image and each part implicitly holds the information of the whole.

Unexpectedly, new horizons are born behind the words and behind the silence. Forms and shapes that speak, cause feelings and experiences because where our dreams come true something special lives up and produces unexpected longings. Our deepest fear is not to be inadequate but it is to be powerful beyond every measure. This is the reason that leads us to climb the mountains. We want to know our limits and therefore we continue to scale the clouds.

As in the building planed by Park Associati, as also in music, the theme varies and the open space grows into a walk able sculpture.

Stone slabs rise and fall, offering different perspectives and to the sole of the foot the sensation of walking. Water drops down, murmuring, muttering, rebounding, dribbling and splits the stone. Plants climb and win every single space creating an environment of different multiplier, but even quiet. And light want to express our yearning for the infinite and the fact that there is nothing enlightened about humiliate and shrinking themselves. We are born to shine.

Can it be that’s our light scaring us more than our shadow?