Platform at the Passer in Merano


Platform at the Passer in Merano

Carried away by time, we look for balance and find it only in movement, swaying back and forth, balancing one fall movement by another, constantly shifting weights.

Hannes Bohringer

Walking promotes balance. Accompanied by the noise of the world, the rhythm of walking also holds the hope of coming to rest. And sometimes the desire arises to find a place, a small space of silence in which to calm down. A quiet corner that becomes a focal point for the experience, something that for a moment becomes the center of the world. Dreams that put us into another world, and dreams that connect us to a place.

A place where everything gathers around its center and which allows us to capture the originality of certain images. A nest becomes the space of our knowledge, a discovery that transports us back to our childhood and inspires us with the wonder that never wears off.

Does the dream not like to live in a nest?