The national flowers of all countries of the earth


National Flowers

The national flowers of all countries of the earth – or the fragility of being

Let flowers speak – a project dedicated to biodiversity and climate change on the occasion of the Glasgow Climate Summit
Not all but most countries have chosen a flower as their national symbol. This flower is usually a significant element of this nation, either in terms of its history, its products, or its culture. Knowing the meaning of this flowers gives us unique insights.

During the long time of travel restriction, I went on a digital journey around the world and thereby discovered the national flowers of the individual countries. Fascinated by all the diversity and beauty I realized that even they will be at risk by climate change and I decided to set them a memorial. And even if every single flower posed a challenge to produce it with porcelain, this material, in its fragility, seemed to me the most suitable medium – fragile beauty on a solid base.

Many different people and organizations on the worldwide web have made their knowledge available to me, but since the information partially contradicted each other, I hope I have selected the right flowers. Nevertheless, in terms of this worldwide cooperation it is important to me to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to discover this smile of the world and to do everything possible to preserve it. Imagine Flora and Fauna is sitting between you on this summit. They would love to be agree with your decisions.

Everyone has unique skills that we can use to save humanity. Mine are in the artistic expression of my hands. Let‘s do our best!

„Making peace with nature is the defining task of the 21st century.
It must be the top, top priority for everyone, everywhere.“

  • Porcelain on stainless steel – 13×13 x ca.35 cm – Metalwork Stricker & Marinoni