2007 – Primary school, Velturno

There is something that connects us and separates us at the same time, something that joins us to ancient times and leads us into the future.

Because it is something vague and a precise definition is impossible, I call it ICHTY. (derived from Ichthyosaurus from the early Jurassic and also from “ich” what in German language means I or me)

ICHTY is the gap in our memories and the things yet to come. His form is different and individual for every child and every adult because everyone sees what he sees. It can tell us: “My world is the way I see it or world shows everything to me as I create it.” As a free-floating thing in the room it is related with everything.

The message should be every child and every person has a free will has abilities and preferences and should develop them. Trust your feelings and trust your senses for become at least sometimes a bit of that human, animally or vegetal something that walks on earth and blinks into the sun.

  • 15 km crochet nylon cord