2001 – Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle Merano

There where freedom marries protection…

In top of the Botanical Garden, at the bottom where all paths end and the view encompass the widest horizon grows a sensation of freedom. A space has been build, a shelter, for bird’s who are not native here. Home is there where you feel delightful, a place of peace and perspective, a closed unit open to outside and inside; a place of joy for whom who still believes in the words meaning, a place to clarify the thoughts for those who don’t justify places like this because they consider them senseless and desperate.

Who is caught and who is free?

and man looks at the bird and the bird looks at the human.

A wire mashed passage leads you through the enclosure surrounded and protected by plants.

Notice the gardens breath while you continue the walk to your destination until the end of the bridge.

Only thoughts are free.

Would you like to can fly; do you envy or regret the birds in their enclosure?

Freedom implies to go wherever you want, or means it to accept boundaries and limits?

Do the same as the birds, sit on the red swing and just live. Enjoy the moment, perceive the grace of the inhabitants who tolerate you only as a visitor, be aware of there beauty, there singing, there protected freedom and yours.

Go outside on the bridge and look to the horizon or into the overwhelming abyss and notice the vertigo that perhaps afflicts you. Where do you feel better? Where the world is underneath your feet or where plants offer home and protection from sun and wind? Choose the location that suits you most: alone on the bridge or together with others in this enclosed space?

Just linger and breath, watch, hear, feel and be – totally bird and totally human.