A school for life

1999 – Primary school Sesto

Three-dimensional work in the form of school bags with terms that characterise the content.

School is not an accumulation of knowledge for the sake of having knowledge, school must be a school for life, must be able to impart the most basic and essential things in life to its pupils and give them something to take with them and keep.

As diverse as the letters in the alphabet are one person differs from another. It does not matter what material the school bags and their carriers are. Only by recognizing this fact world becomes a colourful. If we accept the diversity with tolerance, going to school can make life in general and the school life in particular worth living.

Wall of schoolbags

We don’t learn for the reason to accumulate knowledge but to understand life. Especially in primary schools teaching means create the preconditions for life train the basically and essential things and learning means pick up them, preserve them and carry them with you in your schoolbag.