Panta Rhei – Art Drive In

2002/2003  – parking thermae meran / merano / I

Underground car parks are no-places. Nobody expects art.

Anonymous, perhaps scary, crossing places not intended to stay. The purpose justifies the means

Nevertheless such places shape us anyway. A look behind the walls; everything flows.

“We are right under the square. All runs. In the brief tunnel which leads to via Garibaldi there is a long wall covered by irregular waves. The Corten steel is split in the middle by a horizontal crack. Margit Klammer works with strong materials. The light fog which comes from the illuminated crack is scented and accompanies cars and people toward the exit. Our visit to the Spa has ended. Our adventure in contact with spa baths and healthy steams has finished.

Margit Klammer’s works can be set in a contact area between art and design. Their base is to be found in the use of the fundamental elements of a concluded space. The intention of covering the garage bearing columns in steel, by adding to them light luminous vertical cracks at the edges is an indistinguishable intervention which aims at breaking up the structures of space. The hermetic surface of the rusted metal is neutralized by light made relative by fog slowly diffusing and suspended by an emanated imperceptible scent. It is a subtle alternating and neutralizing of elements which in themselves compose the essence of tridimensionality.”
Benno Simma