The poppy in mythology, folk medicine Food and material culture of Tyrol

2015 – Museum Brunnenburg, Tirolo

Language guides our thoughts and words convey feelings too.

So, when we talk about ourselves, we use words to identify what we think and feel. We give others a look into our souls.

Instead of speak I prefer to look at the world as a stage and to stage my thoughts and ideas spatially. Perhaps that is just a game, perhaps a pastime even if one cannot pass time. Time goes by without that we want it. Maybe it’s an activity that contributes to know oneself better combined with the desire to create relationships between what I am and what I am not.

Spaces inside and outside – localization – an intimate need for harmony between nature and art. Join together and differentiate, discover, disguise, reveal, hear an inner sound, trace unfathomable secrets. Change scales to resolve apparent certainties because in the perception separate areas merge.

I’m also wondering how immaterial values arise and how it is possible to materialize them.


Possibly it’s only a game, but one that when it is subtle, becomes art. Boundaries dissolve and allow me to sink in unreal world in miraculous and hopeful ideas that I like to share with others. Even if the chaos of madness and the horror will keep trying to get the upper hand, the desire for order, beauty and harmony remains alive; wholeness as target and art as a tool to connect nature with human and human with human.

  • Poppies – Glass fiber lacquered, aluminum and stone d = ca 70 cm
  • Poppy seeds – made of Acrystal 45 x 35 x 15 cm with heads of stoneware in various sizes.