Margarete, known as Maultasch

2007 – Exhibition display, Castle Tirolo

Is always a story of relationship. Relationships define our lives. When we design a space, we ask ourselves what object goes with which one and where. Everything talks to each other, everything communicates.
There is no difference if it is a retrospective of the own work or if it is a show with other items. At the moment when things leave their accustomed place and are positioned in a different context, they tell a different story. The immediate, concrete, limited space around them plays a role also as the extended space of the building, the place where the building stands, the city, the country, the continent …

Stories told in a different place sound different.
Art is a materialized, subjective thought and can tell stories. It does not matter whether space is infinitely small or infinitely large, or if rooms lead from of the past to the future. Art expands the space. At the same time art exists only when there will be found a reception in other persons. That’s the real act of art, it completes art. So, what argues against a subjective representation of reality when it provokes a subjective perception of reality?
The design of an exhibition is a nonverbal communication to represent thoughts. Obviously, certain things can be understood only in certain places, because certain places have saved determined events, just like certain things are accessible to our minds only when viewed from the perspective of another time. Sometimes we have more access to thoughts by proximity, and sometimes by distance.

The visualization of content by spatial configurations, materials, light and shadow can have a profound impact in the well-being of visitors and reach him there, where the phenomenology of the soul comes into play and more rational controlled defence mechanisms doesn’t work. One must also be aware that even design of exhibitions is responsible for ensuring what knowledge can obtain generality. Of course, there are situations in which more than one person is responsible for the content, just as there are situations in which different positions are next to each other. The only thing what doesn’t exist is absolute objectivity because always has been forgotten something or something has not been shown; even those things talk.