Dance on the egg, coward or the fragility of being

2006 – Gallery Engert 7, Dornbirn (A)

Great things are rare, however, numerous are the small ones.

Little things together make a great picture.
Each of them enters into relationship to the next, the third, the counterpart and to the room.

With the interplay of textures and colours made of the same material the two artists seem do the same but it is different. It is the whole performance forming form two different positions a unique body. We call it live or the art of doing.

In this exhibition Margit Klammer and Margit Denz show three-dimensional images and object
whose base material is the same but different is the handling. In doing so they demonstrate an extreme sensitivity which does not hesitate to dance the limbo.

The fragility of existence gets eminent and increases to power and charisma.

Collective exhibition with Margit Denz