1995 – Art Forum gallery, Merano

“During the construction of your own home and in art, the realization includes decisions which depend on the spirit and at the same time considerate all the liabilities of the perceptual world. If non-knowledge is not ignorance, but the difficult feat of overcoming the knowledge the soul can be the first suggestion that makes a work in every moment a pure creation and an exercise of freedom. Art competes with life and creates surprises to excite our confidence and to protect it from drowsiness.

Even if we do not understand anything without experiencing it, into the inner room, in the crossing point, where everything gets origin and meaning, valid images of a refuge may arise. Just as when we discover a nest in a bush and see with how much love it was built by the bird, or when we look at an abandoned shell. Everything comes out of an inner necessity of a physically compelling intimacy. The bird adjusts his house to his body as the person adapts his house and the house to its residents. A lot of pictures are connected with the nest and the shell and we can ask ourselves how many pictures of animal nature in man’s nature are hidden and awaken those sense of originality that give us warmth and signal the retreat, which we seek to realize in our homes.

Skills, thoughts and feelings determine the total work, give them their soul, the expression and insert the inner space into a larger one. ”

Gaston Bachelard