Trough Time

2006 – Castelbello Castle

The castle, art and life

everything is constantly changing; nothing remains the same. It is not the perception distinguishing us from animals, but our consciousness. A fly crawling over a picture does see it, smell it, grope and feel and yet it does not know what she crawls. She leaves the surface in flight if something else attracts her attention; one thousand eyes, one thousand facets of the world.

Quite similar is the exhibition which currently is on display at Kastelbell Castle. Works of 75 artists from South Tyrol are presented to the public. If we differ from other creatures because we are able to think, as is always claimed, it should be possible to guess something which takes us forward and not just as a consumer but as a recipient. Such an exhibition should offer different perspectives between what we see and what is not visible but exists only in ourselves. Each individual work describes the perspective of an individual, its facets, its needs to be able to live the own life, nothing universally, because every reception of every viewer is valid only for himself. When the viewer thinks like an artist, the viewer becomes an artist because it means perceive reality, whatever that is, and understand life through it.

This work show can encourage to find the own point of view. If there is a muzzle and one can guess what the artist tries to express…the head on the wheels… the ship… the room with the door…coffee filters… or just red… the words behind the veil… “Without art I cannot breathe “…. It is an exhibition showing everything and nothing. But could it be that art has to do more with life as we allow art? Can it be that we can’t discover the spirituality of art because we only look, fly, land, eat like a fly and we are always on the alert not to be killed?

The Castle becomes a space for contemporary art, a link to another time.  Can it be that nothing has really changed?

Performance with Wolfram H. Pardatscher