2014 – Museum Brunnenburg, Tirolo


In the preface of the catalog for the exhibition at the Brunnenburg Castle – Agricultural Museum and Ezra-Pound Centre for Literature of Tirolo, Wolfgang M. Heckl writes: “The rural life in Tirol”, as in many other regions was always defined by necessity and scarcity of resources. Repairing, recycling and re-purposing of everyday objects therefore always played an important role in everyday life of the rural population. In the throwaway society that dominated in the western industrialized countries in recent decades, this way of life was long seen as backward. However, in recent years a rethinking can be observed.  Disposable products are increasingly transformed in a creative way in new ones. They become upgraded upcycled which in the peasant culture was always practiced.”

  • Old sheets, tablecloths, towels and sheets were dyed and sewn together to 5 lanes. Fixed to the ceiling with clips from folders and correlated to ten Etruscan feet in possession of Castel Fontana. 3m x 1.6m.