Mantis religiosa

2010 – Commenda Longomoso, Renon

The place a Lengmoos Ritten where the exhibition takes place belongs to the Teutonic Order a place also which has to do with religion. It is a place where you lose the ground under the feet, a suspended place. A glance out of the windows – desire for summer holidays arises – Grasshoppers, flowers, shadow and light.

In South-Tirol the Mantis is called Maringgele, in Latin her name is Mantis Religiosa and means praying mantis, in Greek her name means prophet. I read that the extreme mobility of its head is unique in the insect kingdom and that it has legs with thorns. When it is at rest and lies in wait for prey, it seems a praying creature. An aura of mystery surrounds these fascinating animals. That’s why I wanted to do something that causes a sigh. I wanted to make something that can never be fully grasped. If you look at it you must feel fear and joy simultaneously although one can have only an impression for something inconceivable.

But basically, this exhibition wants to talk only about space.
How much space do we give to our dreams, hopes and fears? How much space do we give to what we believe?

For that reason, my Mantis is only an image of a female being accused of cannibalism, which is basically just for the conservation of the species, or a picture of an adaptive being.

A space-filling thought and nothing else
and my two rooms are like day and night, the one dark, the other bright and absolutely silent.