Town Hall Square Bruneck


The City as Cosmos

The town square of a city is not just any place. It is the place that expresses the essence of a city, where people of this city meet. If a site shifts the perspective, for smoothing between the extremes the Horizontal and the Vertical, than this means that compensation is possible and the point of view depends on the viewer. In every city where there are different views, different opinions and ideas. Every aspect has some positive and negative positions simultaneously.

Like water – here it has chopped up the habit – tilts the square – divides the pie equally – destroys the perfection – and elevates the place. New, unfamiliar space is created. The space becomes experienceable, creates perspectives, divides the space. The place, the building, the square, the water, the art, the life, everything becomes one, in the horizontal circles of the building, the vertical of the water, the diagonal of the square.

And reality splashes into the square like water – as a sound, as a smell, as a mist, as a picture, as a request, as an answer.