Financial building Bolzano


Credere – Obbedire – Combattere

Three words, placed on the wall below the relief to glorify a dictator and above the name of a building of the financial world, pose the question in space:

Whom or What do I believe in – Whom do I obey – What do I fight for?
Things don’t disappear from the world when they’re covered up. They continue to swell underground and demand confrontation. In the theatre of vanities, each individual decides whether he wants to see the play or not, just as everyone decides whether and how he plays. Is the curtain closed so as not to have to see or is it opened to give room for change?

The names on the curtain are a reminder of the people of yesterday as well as an invitation to the people of today to be aware of their potential, that it is they who decide to what extent they are willing to perceive their needs and to form a connecting thought. Even in passing.