Casanova – Kaiserau


Casanova - Kaiserau

Competition for the establishment of an art park in the new City district

A new city has been constructed on a green field.
Where once grew plants now lives people.
Nothing connects them.
The only thing that unites them is this place.
They don’t know each other, come from other cultures and want to find home.

What is home?
A place where you can find friends, and live your own imagination, a place that promotes the individuals and care about the common good.

To have a home is a stroke of luck but feel oneself at home requires tolerance.

Happiness is a social construction; you feel it when you realize that you share your interests with others. One feels it even if you forget the time by doing something.

A seed falls into the earth and adapts itself to the environment.
It needs warmth and nutriment from water and air for let the plant grow.
The one is bearing fruit, the other one produces flowers. Planted together it will be created a garden.
A garden requires time. Cultivate a garden is art. Art needs time to grow. In a garden life becomes art, art becomes life and everybody becomes an artist.

The fence changes into a frame
The single beds into a picture
The different picture becomes space, a space of art you created together.