Objects and Sculptures

materialized thoughts

2020 The wondrous world of rake shovel and co

24 Garden tools at the herb garden

Iron h ca 250 - 280 cm

2020 positive negative

Current events have always been reflected in art, although there are positive things even in times of negative experiences. The question also arises: what is positive and what is negative? Everything comes from the same substance. Is the tangible positive or the missing? Both together are a unity like day and night like shadow and light ... or can you look at the whole thing upside down?

Iron 80 x 250 cm

2020 combined

Special times require special works of art and we are currently experiencing a time in which many things break. Putting together what has broken apart means reorganizing the chaos in order to create something new and experience something positive

Porcelain shards in acrylic 20 x 20 x 20cm

2020 Leaves in the garden

Tabletop cast in aluminum and inserted into an existing iron structure

2018 The dreamed one

the dreamed one

Objects made of stoneware combined with various materials. Everything in space is related to each other.

2017 meraner tasse

Meraner Tasse

To remember the 700th anniversary of Merano the artist Margit Klammer developed the “Meraner Tasse”: cups for espresso and tea. They are on the one hand a tribute to the garden city of Merano but will also delight all garden or nature lovers. Each cup is unique and made of porcelain by hand. While the espresso cups have a handle and a saucer in the shape of a leaf, the tea cups with their curved handles remind the “Jugenstil”, the Art Nouveau style which in Merano is still everywhere. The cups thus reflect elements of the city as well as the surrounding nature of which we are too part. Just as no leaf is identical with another, no human is like another, but all together make up a large family. And for the reason that all espresso cups can be combined with all saucers the arrangement will become a very personal expression through individual preference.

2015 with salt and some pepper

black and white or is there something more?

Objects of porcelain - bowls d= 9, 11, 14, 18 cm with wooden drawsheet

2015 mis en tête

Everything you put into your mind grows

Stoneware 22 x 16 x 22 cm

2014 schsch...écoutez

Positive - Negative - Earth - Fire - Time

the first head modeled - 1.negative mold - reproduced with clay - placed in the kiln - the fire dwindles the stoneware by 10%.- another negative mold - reproduced with clay - placed in the kiln - the fire dwindles the stoneware by 10%.- another negative mold - placed in the kiln - the fire dwindles the stoneware by 10%. .... always smaller to what end...?

At the end all seem the same but actually they differ much.

Compared with each other or combined with different things new stories are told. The ego recognizes itself in the non-ego. The self is defined by what it is not.

Dimensions of the heads in stoneware from high 25 cm to 3-3 cm

2014 my second nature

2014 thoughts are tools

2013 Hunger

Literary food

Material: acrylic
Dimensions: 22 x 28 x 4.5 cm

2011 Imagine Life

The world is quite a sphere
, a unity as well as all its parts to. The universe expands in all directions. Every little part is self-contained and yet opens to all. As human beings we are a part of this universe.
If we look at other non-human forms the plant or animal kingdom, the microscopic field, we can notice that even the same is never identical. Looking at seeds which contain everything to make the plant grow, tiny and perfect, the question will arise: if even one and the same plant doesn’t have identical seeds why do we expect that all human beings should be the same? Art can make visible invisible things. With the collected seeds from my garden, casted and joined together into a sphere I’m questioning: what is life? The answer can be: Life is interplay, a demarcation line and a network of different parts.

Size 17 cm ceramic casting - aluminum - bronze

2010 Signs in the garden


Aluminium und Porcelain

2010 trash, chance, idea

workshop – hartberg

NOTHING once produced dissolves in NOTHING. EVERYTHING remains somewhere - in earth, in water, in the air we breathe ...

an empty garbage - is air NOTHING?
a ball of moss - a perfect habitat, that affects EVERYTHING.

You and Me

Old and new.

2010 Mantis


Mantis - Aluminium 8 x 3 x 2,5 m

2007 Flowers or shards

Porcelain and Aluminium

Different sizes

2007 Intimate


Iron 60 x 60 x 50 cm

2005 earthward directed


marble d= 90 cm

2003 Skyward

Inhabitants in the garden

Wrought iron and porcelain

2003 Art carries nature carries art


Corten steel 150 x 150 x 40cm

2002 Rondo

Aluminium - Variations of an order

When objects we use respire life every moment will be created by harmony between need and beauty.

1998 Determination of space

Geodetic space

in combination with the image: "I envy my dog​​, he's able to defend his space"
Painted wood covered with transparent cables. d = 250cm

1985 - 1986

Thoughts arise in your head

Porcelain combined with different materials

1983 - 1985


When everyday objects become sculptures, and together landscape - or - Jewelry

2020 zusammengefügt

Besondere Zeiten erfordern besondere Kunstwerke und wir erleben gerade eine Zeit in der Vieles zu Bruch geht. Zusammenfügen was auseinandergebrochen ist heißt das Chaos reorganisieren um etwas Neues zu schaffen und etwas Positives zu erfahren.

Porzellanscherben in Acryl 20 x 20 x 20cm