The Merano Cup


To remember the 700th anniversary of Merano the artist Margit Klammer developed the “Meraner Tasse”: cups for espresso and tea.

They are on the one hand a tribute to the garden city of Merano but will also delight all garden or nature lovers. Each cup is unique and made of porcelain by hand. While the espresso cups have a handle and a saucer in the shape of a leaf, the tea cups with their curved handles remind the “Jugenstil”, the Art Nouveau style which in Merano is still everywhere. The cups thus reflect elements of the city as well as the surrounding nature of which we are too part. Just as no leaf is identical with another, no human is like another, but all together make up a large family. And for the reason that all espresso cups can be combined with all saucers the arrangement will become a very personal expression through individual preference.