Imagine Life


The world is a quite a sphere, a unity as well as all its parts to.

The universe expands in all directions. Every little part is self-contained and yet opens to all. As human beings we are a part of this universe.
If we look at other non-human forms the plant or animal kingdom, the microscopic field, we can notice that even the same is never identical. Looking at seeds which contain everything to make the plant grow, tiny and perfect, the question will arise: if even one and the same plant doesn’t have identical seeds why do we expect that all human beings should be the same? Art can make visible invisible things. With the collected seeds from my garden, casted and joined together into a sphere I’m questioning: what is life? The answer can be: Life is interplay, a demarcation line and a network of different parts.

  • D= 15cm with the seeds of the plants from my garden
  • Imagine Life – Ceramic relief casting compound