Public buildings

To assume orders from the government always means to take responsibility in dealing with public property.

2010 Bozen/Bolzano

During the years 2008 - 2010 an interruption of my professional activity took place. With the assignment as department Manager of the municipality of Bolzano also several minor adjustments of the urban space have been part of my responsibility. The roundabout at the Station Square and the design of the course in front of the municipal office.

2003 - 2009 Main Post Office - Meran/Merano

The building of the Main Post Office was taken over by the Office of subsidized housing. Several apartments have been created, all different. The charm of the old coupled with new and adapted according to the latest state of the art.

2007 Construction for street maintenance - Naturns/Naturno

Together with the company MM-Klas from Mals we won the architectural competition for the construction of a building for the Roads Service launched by the provincial government. Already in 2000 together with Margit Klammer we won the competition: corporate identity for the Southtirolean maintenance of roads. So this contest has given us the opportunity to play on the project with the goals proposed then.
under-PVC- architects

2006 Cultural Centre - Kurtatsch/Cortaccia

Renovation of the old community center and construction of new parts.

2002 Hopital St. Louis - Ettelbruck - Luxembourg

Together with my partners, pvc-architects, we have been charged with the design of the entrance area and the main hall.

1999 - 2005 Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle - Meran/Merano


The amphitheater, the bamboo-labyrinth and the entrance with the vases.


All pavilions have been designed by artists. My task was to plan the structures chose the suitable materials and make sure that they are conform to the construction law. The pavilions Plants in autumn, Plants in spring, the Mediterranean pavilion, the pavilion, plants from all over the world and of the pavilion Natural landscape become cultural landscape were designed by Margit Klammer. The remaining ones have been developed in collaboration with the artist group Steiner Sarnen Switzerland.


The concept has been developed by Margit Klammer, nevertheless I had enough freedom to create those space in space so that people could use it together with birds. For the cantilever bridge over the abyss in collaboration with the engineer Luis Neulichedl we have developed a completely new static structure.


An offer for all who want spend an entire day independently and free in the gardens.


In the accessible beehive visitors can watch the hustle and bustle. A tribute to those contemporaries without which much would be different.