The reasons why thought but not realized are multiple. But even dreams are an enrichment.

2007 MEBO service area, Vilpiano/Terlano

As in 1999 the new highway MEBO has been opened, a highway which now records the highest volume of traffic in South Tyrol and follows the monotonic meanders of the river Adige, the existing small gas station was no more useful. The service area should be a landmark and follow a futuristic philosophy. Traffic is dynamic and requires also dynamic forms. The first thought and later on the definitive one was to put an oval shape similarly a truck into the landscape.
under PVC-architects

2000 Private house - Lana

A property fenced by a wall with a building placed in the middle which should differ from the monotonous apple orchards of the Adige Valley and be at the same time retreat for a medical family.
The courtyard concept derives from the traditional rural buildings.
with Klaus Arch Valtingoyer

1999 Private house - Gargazon/Gargazzone

The dream to build a house doesn’t came true nor for the customer nor for me.
On the other side of the little road near the old farm, should be created the new home into the existing Bavarian garden, a place to live and a refuge in order to devote into art theory and all surrounded by a venerable old garden on which each room should have a special view.

1998 Algunder Vinebar - Meran/Merano

In a building situated under the Merano Arcades which are dated to the Middle Age should be built a new restaurant. Urban development in this period has created buildings with a typical depth. This fact was a big challenge. The front rooms were spanned with a vault and the bar-counter pulled into the depths should attract clients to the rear and seduce to immerse into the restaurant situated on two levels.
with Arch. Klaus Valtingoyer

1996 Riding Club - Meran/Merano

Starting point for the design criteria was to analyze the development of the historical local architecture, with the main focus on the recreational architecture.
So I have taken a closer look to buildings like the local Lido, the stands for the equestrian facilities, Borgo Andreina and much more. Impressive examples which supported the creative stimulation were the Austro Hungarian architectures - like the Vienna - Krieau, Baden, the seaside resort of Bregenz, or more recently the sailing club on the Caldaro lake done by Walter Pinzer a student of Holzmeister.