private buildings

spaces to feel well, spaces to orientate one self in a new home. act in a client's behalf is quiet like a marriage for time. To be architect means to be lawyer, priest, manager, coach and even more. The better you know each other the better will become the spaces, haut couture not street wear.

2010 Private house - Prad on the Stelvio

The starting point for this project was a real rarity for the fact that the ground is absolutely flat and it is outside of the village.
I didn’t have to react to any urban issue while the really impressive are the mountains of the mighty Ortler group that form the horizon to the south. Bedrooms, living room, garden and terrace follow this view.

2010 Appartement - Meran/Merano

The Palace Plankenstein where is situated this apartment dates back to last the century and was designed by architect Peter Delugan. Relatively late the entire building has been registered by the protection of architectural heritage.
From the old apartment in an almost untouched state were maintained only the salons and the front terrace. It was important and right to find a solution that respects the original architecture and also the needs and ideas of the client without becoming plagiarism.
Artwork by Margit Klammer

2007 Private house - Girlan/Cornaiano

Cornaiano is a beautiful wine village. There are scattered settlements distributed in the circumstances, large and small wineries, but also one or the other residential building dating from the period in which the rules of landscape protection were not so rigid.
The previous existing building, a house of a vintner, was also dating to that period. Now we had to run an extension for the next generation. According to the local typology, we opted to build an autonomous building and a secondary structure that connects the old storehouse. This has also enabled to achieve the typical local patio.

1999 Private house - Lana

While Lana is a village and not a city, the house is due to its location with a large garden and a large space program, more a city mansion than a rural house
Unique at the moment of designing and developing the project was the request to build a Klimahouse with any standard of a high level ecological house.
with Arch. Klaus Valtingoyer

1999 Ex - Mendlhof - Meran/Merano

At the time when Merano was the emerging medical spa town and famous doctors as Mazegger, Kohn and Tappeiner lived here, was manifested a real boom of the hotel-architecture.
With the annexation of South Tyrol to the Italian kingdom came the first setbacks.
Starting again from the fifties of the twentieth century in many hotels, including the Mendelhof has been granted a wonderful awakening. The repeated decline was due to the lack of adaptation of the structures and the changed requirements of a new generation of guests.
In accordance with the law to protect the ensemble that focused mainly on the front-façade and the preservation of old the trees, the former hotel was converted into an apartment block.
with Arch Klaus Valtingoyer

1998 Private house - Burgstall/Postal

In the middle of the alluvial plain of the Adige, surrounded by apple orchards, which today expand until the infinite, was created this little house nestled in a private garden.
Due to the extremely high water table and a clearly defined budget was not possible to build a winery. Thus all the requirements had to be arranged into a very limited space.
Landscape design, Margit Klammer

1997 Private house - Marling/Marlengo

Instead of a dilapidated farmhouse was built a home for a couple of collectors.
As always when building private houses even this one should not only correspond to the usual requirements and ideas, but had to be a suit tailored one for very cultivated persons and on a particular place.
with Arch.Klaus Valtingoyer

1995 Private House - Lana

The double house stands in an extremely small area of high density which is characterized by a rural setting in the center of Lana.
Since it was possible to build directly next to the edge of the road, the character of urban space with its typical green courtyards inside has been inserted.
with Arch. Klaus Valtingoyer

1991 Labers 12 - Meran/Merano

The house is situated in a prime position with an exclusive panoramic view over the basin of Merano. The space requirements and the situation of the property have been the key to the composition of the L-shaped building. The biggest challenge was to consider and give space to the scenario and the different views to the city and the surrounding landscape.

1987 Row houses - Partschins/Parcines

The old farmer had the desire to build nine houses for his eight heirs and one for himself.
The law here is relatively rigid and to fulfil his desire of an own home, for being able to live a largely autonomous life, only the type of row house could grant the expectations of the sibling.
Due to the slope and shape of the side was made a longitudinal central courtyard around which the 8 houses have been grouped into three blocks.