Buildings for bussiness

planing for business means know the client's aims. For all business the slogan time is money has the prevailing importance. Our matter is find out what the client's real objective is and guarantee the best possible realization.

2013 Restaurant Sigmund - Meran/Merano

Immediately adjacent to one of the old gates of the city of Merano the restaurant Sigmund is built in part on the old city walls dating back to the time of Meinhard II. While no one knows exactly its history of 600 years, the last step was made in 2013 when the house, subordinated to the listed building and to the protection of fine arts, has been completely renovated. The ancient were preserved, hidden things have been discovered and little new was added. Certainly the body in which beats the culinary heart and which extends over 2 floors over the centuries had been subjected to one or the other face lift. In the basement one can still see the stone walls and the historic vault. Behind, in the rather obscure alley “Metzgergasse” has been discovered the old entrance in the form of arcs which now have been equipped with arc-shaped glass surfaces and also emerged remains of frescoes and a Gothic window. Everywhere the substance and the surfaces have been treated with the due respect. On the upper floors were built four new suite-like rooms, two of them with a small roof terrace from where one has an exhilarating view of city skyline and the imposing peak of Ifinger.

2010 Les Libres Life Style - Boutique - Meran/Merano

The previous small store for slippers situated under the medieval arcades of Merano has been transformed into a boutique.
The owner wanted a symbiosis between the two rooms divided by an internal staircase and had the desire to reuse some of the old furniture and accessories and combine them with new structures.
Artwork by Margit Klammer

2009 Hotel Tannenheim - Trafoi

From the book Schüttelbrot und Wasserwosser
/ paths and stories between Merano and Ortler / hiking in the Val Venosta U.Bauer / J.Frischknecht published by Rotpunkt:
The new Hotel Tannenheim is a few steps below Trafoi. A courageous initiative, viewed from outside a simple concrete building near the road and nothing but the forest and a stream. One does not expect that from the terrace and the dining room you could enjoy the view over glaciers in the end of the valley. Inside than the new architecture of South Tyrol: wood, stone, metal, concrete, interesting views, large rooms, large bathrooms in beautiful materials. Everything reduced to the maximum. This should polarize. We like it, the fun details in the entrance floor, clean lines, hiding nothing but playing with the gray of the concrete, the brown-reddish rusty iron, the care in construction until to the hinges.

2007 Boutique JK - Lana

Renovated and redesigned Leather-Store

2005 Hotel Jagdhof - Marling/Marlengo

from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung of 05.06.2005

...Then we stopped at Marling, because in the middle of fruit trees, in an excellent location we saw the Hotel Jagdhof, recently restored and renovated with great style and totally devoid of Alpine baroque style. The house is the best base to relax and to make our trips.

2003 Boutique De Call - Munich

De Call - Flag Ship Store

The Merano fashion designer Alexandra Stelzer was really fortunate when at her first contact with the real estate company she found one of the most charming locations in Monaco, a store in the new shopping centre the Fünf Höfe by Herzog & de Meuron - a long room with 6 round columns, between the Salvatorpassage and the Promenadenhof and a Japanese garden, which is separated only by tall windows. An attractive environment which could be like a frame for fashion and where the dresses should be presented like on a stage, in front of frosted glass panels. The coloured clothes become protagonists and in the background immersed in changing light appear the Japanese garden.
under PVC-architects

2001 Stadler Wool-store - Bozen/Bolzano

New adaptation of the existing store.
under PVC-architects

1999 Hotel Baumgartnerhof - Schenna/Scena

A hotel from the sixties and seventies had to be introduced gradually to new architectural interpretations.
Today we celebrate the meal, as for the new generation of hoteliers eating is a sensual experience.
with Arch. Klaus Valtingoyer

1997 coffee bar - Meran/Merano

Where two cultures meet a German one and an Italian one also a coffee shop becomes an ambiguous institution. The new Café Wolf is a blend of Viennese coffee and Italian bar. Small how it is invites guests to rest with a cappuccino and read the dailies, but it also welcomes the one who prefers to drink a quick coffee at the bar.
with Arch KlausValtingoyer