competitions offer freedom and bring variety into our job. Participate to it claim intensive engagement not only for the reason to compare the own capabilities to them of other architects but sometimes we search the challenge just to win.

2011 Auer Palain - Auer/Ora

Ora is one of those villages where the dreaming game of man to be connected with nature assumes a perfect symbiosis of buildings and landscape as it is along the path that leads to the church square, near the Brenner route, up to Palain.
The Archetypal in the structure of the village and their relation to the surrounding landscape can only be understood in its essential nature, his typology. Only knowledge provides the basis for a new interpretation of what in this place is grown for centuries. This proposal for the extension of Palain refers precisely to this.
The architectural language is a specific one and not universal. Things must be develop from the context, the position of the country to the village (church square/main square) and the landscape to the north-west and are not transferable to any other place.
with architect Wolfgang Piller
with Arch. Wolfgang Piller

2003 Durst - Brixen/Bressanone

House of the Image Arts

The message of the Committee during the utterance was:
No flashy building but a built story to communicate the vision of the society, its know-how and its technology that is developed: a perceptible sign, one perhaps like in the Thirties was the so-called Knobelturm ... The Thirties are past.
A look in the rear-view mirror could be a mirror look to the future.
How is it possible to create a sign of its kind in the midst of a garden, which occupies most of the visible?
Representative factories, futuristic laboratories, galleries with the history of the image and archives are the terms that might make visible the content.
The symbolic gesture could be to remove simply the grass as a virtual level, where beneath emerge the mysterious secrets of a recycling industry and where than the results will be demonstrated to a selected audience. Also the futuristic laboratory had to be discreet. It should be visible but not accessible to the public.
Then there is the gallery with the plots, the prints, the digital images and all data recoverable from the archive.
Here should take place exhibitions, for demonstrate the ability of man in harmony with machines, mathematics, electricity and therefore the project provided a glass body with static structures remembering cooling fin; a fragment of the own production of a 'collective invention.
The archive hangs in the glass-space like a brain-monolith and is also an aspect of the production.
Garden, spaces, ramps and paths are useful for both, the philosopher and the visitor, to understand and analyze the sign and its message while walking. A three-dimensional conglomerate for peripatetic, reasoning while walking. A never ending thought.
The building for the visual arts is a platform for processes and the products compared with it are only accessories.
under PVC-architects

2002 Library - Auer/Ora

Extract from the report of the jury:
The architecture is too big for the village and the construction of urban planning to dominant.
... The concept of positioning the dwellings and the cultural construction into two different structures is advantageous; ... The library has a high value of spatial experience, the cultural centre can become an attractive meeting place for young people, the library building is (still) unusual, but an expressive form, while the increasing levels of the library are interesting; ...
under PVC-architects

2002 centre for civil defense - Meran/Merano

The grown town ends abruptly where the area for this competition begins. Here strats the periphery without hope, without controlled prospects, proportions, character or standards.
The project acts as a bridge between the contrasts, seeks relationship to the opposite and becomes the interface between the closed city and open structures. Nevertheless it is not necessarily seeking a dialogue with the surroundings, but through the constellation of its body it acts like a chessman to the uncontrolled growth. Here the urban design needs a beginning or an end, an anchor, but also a place that gives support to a centre without maintenance and orientation.
If a supermarket becomes fixed point for the people, then it is obviously that this area suffers from missing urban development. Although the civic centre will never be a house where people go every day and certainly il will not develop into a great meeting point, but with his physical appearance, the square, the tower - the Campanile, the size of the facades, will become a fixed point and a place that any person who will get the description can find.
under PVC-architects

2002 WOBI - Meran/Merano

To respond to the urban environment has been created a kind of backbone that contains most of the apartments. This has the strength to sustain both the 5-storey buildings, as well as the crossover point and allows a differentiated game with spaces. It also offers the possibility of different solutions to urban design.
The result is a spatially interesting tension, a game between full and empty, with passages and perspectives, courtyards, terraces and gardens.
under PVC-architects