Art Competitions

Dreaming, perhaps, but always a departure for new horizons

2012 Northwest Tunnel - Meran/Merano

Meran, a journey through the interior of a flower
A city is a living organism, it grows with time. Traffic arteries form spaces, lifelines, supply-flows like the natural structures of nerve cells, root plexuses, bloodstreams, skin cells, leaf structures.

Which city has the opportunity to offer its residents and visitors the access to the usually hidden and invisible subterranean depths of its existence?

Paintings on the walls and a sculpture in the middle.

Each person has his own distinctive textures and patterns. They are all similar and yet never the same. Art is not an object, an image, an installation or design, but an idea that spreads. The more people contribute towards a thought the sooner it produces a consciousness that changes the society . But change is manifested by doing. Here everyone can make visible his structure: Everyone who is here, everyone who has time and joy, everyone who trusts himself to be able to paint lines ... because only when the personal independent action takes place in a community and for the benefit of this it can arise those social sculpture that further on will grow far beyond the real underground.

2011 An art parc into the new City district Kaiserau - Bozen/Bolzano


A new city has been constructed on a green field. Where once grew plants now lives people. Nothing connects them. The only thing that unites them is this place. They don’t know each other, come from other cultures and want to find home. What is home?
A place where you can find friends, and live your own imagination, a place that promotes the individuals and care about the common good.
To have a home is a stroke of luck but feel oneself at home requires tolerance.
Happiness is a social construction; you feel it when you realize that you share your interests with others. One feels it even if you forget the time by doing something.
A seed falls into the earth and adapts itself to the environment. It needs warmth and nutriment from water and air for let the plant grow. The one is bearing fruit, the other one produces flowers. Planted together it will be created a garden.
A garden requires time. Cultivate a garden is art. Art needs time to grow. In a garden life becomes art, art becomes life and everybody becomes an artist.
The fence changes into a frame
The single beds into a picture
The different picture becomes space, a space of art you created together.

2011 Gynaecological and Dermatological Department - Hospital - Heidelberg / D

What wants to live has to share.
Cells are divided and combined to form larger structures, and hold each other separated by membranes. Join together and separate.

The biological process of cell division to allow them to grow is the prerequisite for every life. For the Heidelberg clinic this fact is the subject for the artistic intervention. It concerns not only the departments of Dermatology or Genecology but the entire complex. It is a fact for life in general.
Also the building consists of individual cells which together become a complex organism. A network above the heads connects the individual rooms and makes visible the interaction and intertwining of different functions from inside too outside.

2011 financial building - Bozen/Bolzano

Believe - obey - fight

Reading those three words, mounted on the wall below the relief for the glorification of a dictator and above the name of one of the headquarters of the financial world arises the questions:

WHO OR WHAT do I believe – Whom do I obey - for what do I FIGHT?

2009 Roundabout – Klausen/Chiusa


Art in nature - nature in art
A tree on a stop sign.
Thousands of tetrahedral reflectors make it visible at night an in the middle the tree bathed in a gentle light, as a reminder when it's dark - and as appreciation.

2005 A garden for lovers - Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle- Meran/Merano

11 Garden-spaces

2004 Roundabout - Kaltern/Caldaro

Wein dot Kaltern

Wein.Kaltern on behalf of the community of Kaltern has advertised a competition for an artistic installation on a roundabout.
The first prize was awarded to the artist Margit Klammer from Meran. She suggested to take the logo of Wein.Kaltern which is a red dot, build a red disc which should rotate driven by water. The two-dimensional red disc becomes a three-dimensional red space by movement and will be visible from all sides.

2003 Town Square - Bruneck/Brunico

The City as Cosmos

The town square of a city is not just any place. It is the place that expresses the essence of a city, where people of this city meet. If a site shifts the perspective, for smoothing between the extremes the Horizontal and the Vertical, than this means that compensation is possible and the point of view depends on the viewer. In every city where there are different views, different opinions and ideas. Every aspect has some positive and negative positions simultaneously.

Water carves up the habit, tilts the square, destroys the perfection and increases the site. New, unfamiliar space will be created which can be experienced offers new perspectives, structures the space; music can fill it.
The changing room opens up new possibilities for imagination, even if parts of it are, similarly to archaeological sites, not accessible. Even if not everything is accessible, all can be experienced when the water seems to lift the platforms and runs down again. The eternal cycle.

And reality splashes on the square like water - as a noise, as smell, as fog, as an image, a request a reply.

2003 A SIGN OF REMEMBRANCE to the SOLIDARITY OF PEOPLE during the flood at Bitterfeld - Goitzsche - D - IN AUGUST 2002

Every day, every hour, every minute is an event
. We remember events when they differ from every day life. Such moments are coupled with a feeling they have created. The flood in Bitterfeld, has left such a feeling. But fear is a bad counsellor. Events demand recognition.

For that reason this sign wants to recall the wonderful things happened, despite the danger, in the warmth of that summer, the feeling of solidarity, the collective cooperation and the joy after all. A sign becomes a location when people gather again there where all those happened.
Registered in the infinity, the circle moves around the centre, to protect the fire in the middle of a community.