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2022 - Hommage to Ezra Pound


Pound emphasizes space and rhythm rather than melody.
Pound’s emphasis on the space between notes points to the relation and connection that must be made in those spaces. Whether or not a rule adopted by musicians at the time, Pound’s view on harmony seems as if it also could apply to poetry. Poems are free verse and attempt to relate messages through very specific and often very concise images. In this respect, this object in the form of a labyrinth plays with verses and spaces and although the letters are not there, they still want to convey images. To get to the essence of Pound's poetry, the letters and the space in between occupy the space in a rhythmic form, holes of non-existent signs as if one had to first search for a meaningful arrangement. Breaths between the lines.

Brunnenburg Castle Tirolo - Corten steel 1 x 2,5m

2021 The national Flowers

Let flowers speak – a project dedicated to biodiversity and climate change, on the occasion of the climate summit in Glasgow

Not all but most countries have chosen a flower as their national symbol. This flower is usually a significant element of this nation, either in terms of its history, its products, or its culture. Knowing the meaning of this flowers gives us unique insights.
During the long time of travel restriction, I went on a digital journey around the world and thereby discovered the national flowers of the individual countries. Fascinated by all the diversity and beauty I realized that even they will be at risk by climate change and I decided to set them a memorial. And even if every single flower posed a challenge to produce it with porcelain, this material, in its fragility, seemed to me the most suitable medium - fragile beauty on a solid base.
Many different people and organizations on the worldwide web have made their knowledge available to me, but since the information partially contradicted each other, I hope I have selected the right flowers. Nevertheless, in terms of this worldwide cooperation it is important to me to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to discover this smile of the world and to do everything possible to preserve it.Imagine flora and fauna sitting between the delegates at this summit. They would like to be in agreement with their decisions.
Everyone has unique skills that we can use to save humanity. Mine are in the artistic expression of my hands. Let‘s do our best!
Porcelain on stainless steel - Stainless steel 13x13 cm H approx.35 cm

2019 A roundabout on the threshold to the city of Merano - Merano

We all want well-being. Merano welcomes its inhabitants and guests with a cube consisting of writings in three languages. Words to feel good, integrated the logo of the Terme Merano. The cube standing on his tip seems to be almost unstable, blue at night, nearly floating. My wish to all who surround this place: to accept the apparent unbearable lightness of being and to take responsibility for the own happiness. Breathe in, breathe deeply, love.
stainless steel: 230x230x230cm

2017 Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle - Merano - The new Pavilion of Spring

Spring as a season, music in the air. First flowers sprout from flower bulbs. Spring also as the beginning of new life. Similar to childhood.
From the existing bronze bulb grow plant-like aluminum objects. Sound elements with colorful pendulums are movably arranged and invite children to make the world sound.
Aluminium and colored pendulums

2017 Between Man and Nature “and”

We are only a part of nature. Therefore this work consists of different three-dimensional parts. Human, animal and plant elements interact with one another.
A wing and elements that seem to fly away: a symbol of freedom. And while the wing as a form is an animal element, the "feathers" have the structure of plant elements. The individual small parts, in turn, appear to be leaves or feathers, but contain the structure of seeds. Origin of what we feed on. The head rests on the hand, thus combining thought and action.
Different objects made from Acrystal and ceramic - Hotel Patrizia - Dorf Tirol

2017 Time ... between heaven and earth

We come from the light and go to the light, always.

Installation with 25 heads of stoneware, mirrored and backlit. The color temperature of the light adapts from morning to night to daylight.
Hotel Giardino-Marling

2016 giardino marling

Where flowers bloom in the garage and where grows what you set into your mind.
Hotel Giardino-Marling

2015 Merano Springtime - ART & NATURE

Homage to a Natural Monument - Elisabeth Park Merano

A brightly colored outfit of vibrant imagination becomes the symbol of springtime. Many things will grow and develop in the shades, to then blossom and show themselves in their full splendor, as long as we know how to protect nature.

With its inviting and vivacious colours and patterns, Margit Klammer’s dress evokes a sense of the birth of Spring in Merano. You can clearly see the green shoots of growth through this dress. The growth, the transcience of this garment expresses the very essence of Spingtime - its lightness and transcience. This Baroque-styled dress is a gift that embodies a more universal connectivity through art to nature. John K.Grande

A joint project between the Tourist Office of Merano, in cooperation with Kunst Meran/o Arte, the municipality of Merano, the Merano marketing company as well as numerous other associations and the participation of international artists - curated by John K.Grande

2013 Merano inspired

Display for a concert with two pianos by the students of the Music School Merano - at the parochial square in Merano

The octave pours into the urban space. It comprises eight notes while the eighth tone has twice the frequency of the first tone.
Set in scene with 800 candles and 2 x 80 chairs
Foto Damian Pertoll

2013 The most beautiful day

The flower needs the vase needs the flower.

in cooperation with florists


An art - theatre - language - music project at the School of Arts a Merano - Clearances between the Self and Others

Relationships define our lives, relationships with people, nature, the environment and all the things that surround us. Visible and invisible space between it, and yet, there is no empty.
In collaboration with Anuschka Prossliner

2013 Archeo - Brixen/Bressanone - Elvas

Archeological trail

Protagonists of this walk are not only the archaeological findings discovered during the excavations, but also the localities themselves - remained unaltered until today - in which, since the Stone Age, the life events and the activities of people took place.
The archaeological walk, passing through Bressanone-Stufles, Pinaz, Elvas and Naz-Sciaves, reaches the strategic sites that ancient people, aware of the optimal orientation, had chosen for settlement after having taken into consideration climatic position, water supply, and protection against winds as well as visual control. The fascination of this walk lies in the full immersion of visitors in the archaeological landscape, whose knowledge incredibly occurs by walking on it.
A projekt in collaboration with Wolfram H. Pardatscher

2011 Salewa Headquarter - Enlighten your light - Bolzano

About 250 millions of years ago our mountains have emerged by accumulations of shells, corals and coralline algae. Over time hundreds of meters of sediments on the seabed have been attracted. Under its own weight they lost all water and condensed into rocky shapes. Together with the drift of the European continental plate of Africa, mountains raised more than 3000 meters above sea level; a state which still continues and has created forms of infinite variety, at times incomprehensible but always breathtakingly beautiful.
This variability of shapes characterizes our landscape, our environment and our way of life. Compared to people in the lowlands people of the mountains is always questioning their own living space and their own limits. This requires courage and sometimes the need to exceed the limits.

In 2009, the Dolomites became a World Heritage Site. Bolzano is a city in the heart of Dolomites and the place where this project is build is the entrance space of Salewa, a company which sells everything you need in the mountains.

From these considerations arises the conviction that the inner perspective and ambition to reach higher goals has to be accompanied by the knowledge that believing in one’s own ideas makes many things possible. The power of mind can move mountains.In his shortest poem Ungaretti has already expressed it: “M’illumino d’immenso”, what means, if it’s allowed to traduce it:” I’m enlighten myself with eternity”. Thoughts don’t change. People always wanted to go higher, but we should remember that we, as human beings, where always and continue to be just a part, a microcosm of the changing dynamic process and we are closely linked to the macrocosm. Nothing happens to life when forms break down or collapse. Life will go one, if with us or without us, because life can not be considered as a collection of independent parts. Everything is connected a dynamic network of correlated events in which each part shall determine the structure of the whole. Even though we live in a world of infinite possibilities, every decision determines every man, every object, every single plant includes the entire image and each part implicitly holds the information of the whole.
Unexpectedly, new horizons are born behind the words and behind the silence. Forms and shapes that speak, cause feelings and experiences because where our dreams come true something special lives up and produces unexpected longings. Our deepest fear is not to be inadequate but it is to be powerful beyond every measure. This is the reason that leads us to climb the mountains.
We want to know our limits and therefore we continue to scale the clouds.
As in the building planed by Park Associati, as also in music, the theme varies and the open space grows into a walk able sculpture.
Stone slabs rise and fall, offering different perspectives and to the sole of the foot the sensation of walking. Water drops down, murmuring, muttering, rebounding, dribbling and splits the stone. Plants climb and win every single space creating an environment of different multiplier, but even quiet. And light want to express our yearning for the infinite and the fact that there is nothing enlightened about humiliate and shrinking themselves. We are born to shine.
Can it be that’s our light scaring us more than our shadow?

2011 A garden as an added chamber - Eppan/Appiano

2011 Les Libres Lifestyle - Meran

An old store – a new store

Breathing new life into existing

The crone of thorns with roses – a symbol of tirol 2009 - parade Innsbruck 20.09.2009

There is no rose without thorns

2008 color and light between rooms - primary school - Welschnofen– nova ponente

If the world is monochrome, it seems infinitely and everything different becomes important.

2008 When indoor spaces become natural one - Merano

yearning for the chestnut.

Wall with clay and glass wall to the bathroom in a private home

2007 Ichty - primary school - Feldthurns/Vetturno

There is something that connects us
and separates us at the same time, something that joins us to ancient times and leads us into the future. Because it is something vague and a precise definition is impossible, I call it ICHTY. (derived from Ichthyosaurus from the early Jurassic and also from “ich” what in German language means I or me)
ICHTY is the gap in our memories and the things yet to come. His form is different and individual for every child and every adult because everyone sees what he sees. It can tell us: My world is the way I see it or world shows everything to me as I create it. As a free-floating thing in the room it is related with everything. The message should be every child and every person has a free will has abilities and preferences and should develop them. Trust your feelings and trust your senses for become at least sometimes a bit of that human, animally or vegetal something that walks on earth and blinks into the sun.

15 km crochet nylon cord

2005 Sculpture or space

The house continues in the Garden

Stone, water and plants become a flowing sculpture.

2004 The Labyrinth - Centre for Rehabilitation - Salurn/Salorno

the beginning and the end

While he was taking a hand full of sand the nomad says:
This is my life
and doing the same with the other hand
this is my death.
Everything else is a fata morgana.
Edmond Jabés

2003 Here and now - Hotel Patrizia - Dorf Tirol

I leave traces

Interactive project with the guests of the hotel. Small display cases accept things what the guests discover on their wanderings.

2002 Wellness - Hotel Patrizia - Dorf Tirol

Health and Beauty

Four torsos in niches.

2003 pantha rhei - art drive in - parking thermae meran

Underground car parks are no-places
Nobody expects art. Anonymous, perhaps scary, crossing places not intended to stay. The purpose justifies the means
Nevertheless such places shape us anyway. A look behind the walls; everything flows.
“We are right under the square. All runs. In the brief tunnel which leads to via Garibaldi there is a long wall covered by irregular waves. The Corten steel is split in the middle by a horizontal crack. Margit Klammer works with strong materials. The light fog which comes from the illuminated crack is scented and accompanies cars and people toward the exit. Our visit to the Spa has ended. Our adventure in contact with spa baths and healthy steams has finished.
Margit Klammer’s works can be set in a contact area between art and design. Their base is to be found in the use of the fundamental elements of a concluded space. The intention of covering the garage bearing columns in steel, by adding to them light luminous vertical cracks at the edges is an indistinguishable intervention which aims at breaking up the structures of space. The hermetic surface of the rusted metal is neutralized by light made relative by fog slowly diffusing and suspended by an emanated imperceptible scent. It is a subtle alternating and neutralizing of elements which in themselves compose the essence of tridimensionality.” Benno Simma

2001 Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle - aviary - Meran

Only thoughts are free

In top of the Botanical Garden, at the bottom where all paths end and the view encompass the widest horizon grows a sensation of freedom. A space has been build, a shelter, for bird’s who are not native here. Home is there where you feel delightful, a place of peace and perspective, a closed unit open to outside and inside; a place of joy for whom who still believes in the words meaning, a place to clarify the thoughts for those who don’t justify places like this because they consider them senseless and desperate. It is a place where freedom marries protection…and man looks at the bird and the bird looks at the human.
Who is caught and who is free?
A wire mashed passage leads you through the enclosure surrounded and protected by plants. Notice the gardens breath while you continue the walk to your destination until the end of the bridge.
Only thoughts are free.
Would you like to can fly; do you envy or regret the birds in their enclosure? Freedom implies to go wherever you want, or means it to accept boundaries and limits? Do the same as the birds, sit on the red swing and just live. Enjoy the moment, perceive the grace of the inhabitants who tolerate you only as a visitor, be aware of there beauty, there singing, there protected freedom and yours. Go outside on the bridge and look to the horizon or into the overwhelming abyss and notice the vertigo that perhaps afflicts you. Where do you feel better? Where the world is underneath your feet or where plants offer home and protection from sun and wind? Choose the location that suits you most: alone on the bridge or together with others in this enclosed space?
Just linger and breath, watch, hear, feel and be - totally bird and totally human.
execution planning toghether with Wolfram H. Pardatscher

2000 Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle - Meran - Pavilions

Le monde est plus petit, sans fou

Could this statement have been the reason why Follies were built, as the pavilion of the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle were referred elsewhere? “We have to hurry if we still want to see something” realized already Paul Cézanne, and Jean Laude claimed “stop the earth, I want go down”.

The Pavilions in this garden are places to pause and linger in an increasingly hectic world. They should mediate between the natural grown and the artificiality built because a botanical garden is not a naturally grown landscape, but an artificially created space. Nature alone would not create an area, divided into sun - terraces - water - and woodland gardens. The outlines were blurred and the plants would seek their own natural habitat. The probability that exotic plants would grow in close proximity to native vegetation would be low.

To convey these specified topics to visitors aroused the desire to create pavilions which should be areas of an expressive feeling perceivable for all senses. They should make visible facts of nature and explain the character of the surrounding plants: where they come from, what conditions they need and how they are built and they should give answers to questions about how they came to us.
As the result of this project have arisen conglomerates between art and architecture, in harmony and as a counterpoint to the organic nature, a dense packing of communication between humans and plants, not only sculptures and not only build for weather-protection or information, but little jewels in the landscape.
The execution planing was carried out in collaboration with Wolfram H. Pardatscher

2001 Wool, buttons and co. - Wool store Stadler - Bolzano

art installation

on furnitures and wall with wool and buttons.

2001 Earth, water, light - High-School of Agriculture - Baumgarten Castle - Auer/Ora

The more art approaches nature, the more it leaves the realm of art.

When we consider space, we usually think of the three-dimensional Euclidean space, the space of mathematicians and physicists, space based on the length and width dimensions, as we have learned in school. It is the space which is specified by meters and centimetres, the architectural space, limited by fixed sizes and finite. Everywhere there is a horizon, and everywhere there are limits. In such places we feel safe. Now and then there are also clearly defined spaces, bounded by walls, witch surmount every limits. In such spaces we find relationships which we don’t find in only mathematically defined spaces. The paradox of these areas is that they have smooth transitions between sharply defined boundaries. Tangible space grows into the great beyond, not because units are cancelled, or the room itself dissolves from reality, but because of the relationship between the human and the abstract, between order and chaos, between nature and art. The differences blur, keep all in balance, and thus not about some imagination or even conceited facts, but for the reason that such spaces become more tangible reality.
Spaces can limit or wide us offer opportunities to development or restriction. All our life will be held in rooms the personal as one the collective one. The physical nature of space, the quality of processing of objects in space, the management of light, the mathematical measures...the HOW of it all determines whether to promote or inhibit us. The space is our playground of events. Who designs concrete space has to take responsibility for those who use it, even if the space will be redesigned and shaped by each who enters in it. The room changes with the people who reside in it and with the life that takes place in it. If we perceive the space as a limited place, where nature is different from culture or the real thing has no connection to the surrounding area we separate instead to join. This has no sense because everything is in interaction with everything. Spaces connect people with past, present and future. Spaces are lived time.
Earth and Space - Reality and myth. Art does not shy away from inverse things or spatial dependencies. She is always ready to bring the outside to the inside and unite perspectives and dimensions. Art operates with imagination as the most natural feeling. Each intervention is reality because it combines practical thoughts and imaginary pictures. Art opens the door to the own origin; accumulates the temptations and the desire to develop one's own being in his deepness. It sensitizes the visible, refine the daily life, to discover the individual self. Art is like the god of the threshold, such as Janus with the double face.

1999 A school for life - Primary school - Sexten/Sesto

Wall of schoolbags

As diverse as the letters in the alphabet are one person differs from another. It does not matter what material the school bags and their carriers are. Only by recognizing this fact world becomes a colourful. If we accept the diversity with tolerance, going to school can make life in general and the school life in particular worth living.
We don’t learn for the reason to accumulate knowledge but to understand life. Especially in primary schools teaching means create the preconditions for life train the basically and essential things and learning means pick up them, preserve them and carry them with you in your schoolbag.