Art and Nature

Where begins art - Where ends Nature

Probably the place where we life influences us more than we confess. Presumably we feel the energy of spaces more than we like and they take possession of us without giving us the opportunity to react at the right moment, until it reaches the point where the distinction between inside and outside does not longer exist. The line blurs between extremes. Interior rooms fit into outside ones. New things are accepted if they are more pleasant than well known things. New spaces are fascinating if we engage ourselves and they discourage us if we want to hold on the familiar spaces because only there we could move without thinking. Familiar areas guarantee safety.
Move into new territories carries the sound of adventure in itself combined with the feeling of being able to change everything or reinvent ourselves. New spaces in the outside open the doors to new spaces inside.

An altered habitat often goes hand in hand with a different attitude towards life. Leave a capital to move to the country is a significant change of location, from a place where one has left behind many precious things to a place which offers nothing more of all that which has granted protection. Security must be sought…a lot of strange, unusual, fascinating and terrifying things pounce upon us on the same time.
The soul of the place spreads, breathes different, slower, faster, take possession of our own soul and invades it. Old and new blur in our thoughts and feelings. A part of a well known world left behind somewhere. Memory and sadness mingle with thoughts of future and joy. Reorientation. Nothing grows without matter, no tree without seeds and its stored information. Everything is connected somewhere and fall on a fertile ground at a certain time questioning our desire for continuity, security and orientation. And sometimes nothing else remains than a stalk of grass behind which we can place to enlarge the sky.